About Us

Our mission is simple: 

  • We only buy domestically grown or processed products, to insure only the finest ingredients go into our pizzelles.  With questionable monitoring of plants outside of the US we feel this is important for us to maintain the highest levels of safe baking.  For the US economy to grow, and to put Americans back to work, we all must concentrate on buying American.

  • Besides concentrating on the health of our fans by using only the finest available ingredients, we have done the same for the ecology with our packaging.  The box is 100% recyclable and although made from virgin fiber, the board is from forests that are certified members of the SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative).  The corrugated packing box is comprised of 29% recycled fiber, and is 100% recyclable.  A few retailers have inquired if we would pack our pizzelles in clear plastic containers and we have been hesitant.  This has probably hurt us in lost sales.  The only plastic used in our package is the bag. 

  • Little Pepi’s accepts the responsibility as a community partner in providing work to mentally and physically challenged individuals and incorporating them into the fabric of our workplace.  For this we were recognized in 2005 and 2006 as the employer of the year by the Montgomery County Human Services Department for Mental Health and Retardation.